To an INTJ from an ENFP

2 min readFeb 8, 2024

You are warm when we wake
Sometimes here, sometimes distant
I don’t know what I’m doing either

Knowledge lover and finder
Into darkness you keep for the light you guard is strong
I am drawn to you because we understand each other
Your love is within, my love is beyond
You stay planted like an anchor, I move freely
In this eternal dance we flow

When I want to leave for an adventure I feel it in you
This pattern that has happened before
And I want to tell you, I feel like this is how you can fix this
Because it will keep happening until it stops
You draw us to you because we love your humor and your knowledge
You know what it is to be different and not known
But you don’t know what draws us to you, nor do you believe it is true

Because it is you, the essence of you, this portal to the other world

So then, not knowing nor believing, what was flexible becomes inflexible
Like a metal claw slowly closing
If you love me, then this and this would be different
If you love me, you would always be by my side
And the part of you that is so lonely it could die screams and screams
And you fight it, because most of you all you must not become that
But to go up you must go down
To be free of yourself you must accept it

Knowledge bringer, do not forget who you are, nor who I am
Let me go and I will return to you
And delight you in the stories from beyond
While you tell me of the stories from within