The First Silver Hair

Day 6

Grateful for (out of 1000):

41. Friday spilling through the windows all bright and gold

42. The cute ceramic cat mug I drink coffee from

43. For my sister, who reached out to me today for no reason except to say hi

44. Delicious food for dinner

45. Having a drink on the porch with my love overlooking the sunset

46. Pennsylvania turning blue

47. The bright, dancing, burning flame of a candle

48. Talking about life hopes and fears with friends

49. For frosted brownies

50. Discovering today my first, ever, silver hair

(what I hope my hair to someday look like) Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Today, while staring at myself in the mirror as sometimes happens, I noticed something and stared even closer. Sure enough, a bright silver hair stared back.

I’ve waited for this moment for years.

Ever since I was little I wanted silver hair. Particularly after seeing X-Men, I wanted to have a streak of silver hair like Rogue. It’d be so cool. It’d be different than just the brown, dark hair I was born with. I’d be different.

I looked to hope to my aunt, who had lots of silver hair twined in her hair since I’ve known her. Everyone said I looked like my aunt. I hoped this would mean I would also have her hair one day.

I also liked reading books with a phrase that sounded something along the lines of “and her hair was twined with silver”. It sounded so romantic and poetic and so very dignified.

I remember the moment I discovered my ex’s first silver hair. He was lying across my lap and I was moving my hand through his hair, and I noticed the silver. And he had moaned and groaned and gone immediately into a small life crisis, but I had thought it super cool if a bit scary — a sign that you had crossed some sort of threshold.

And now, staring at myself in the mirror, I discovered this cross of threshold of a sorts. A first, silver hair.

I am grateful for this moment. It’s a promise to my younger self who always wanted this moment, that I am also excited for this moment.

I’ll look great with silver hair.



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