Internet Masterpiece, Made by Thousands, Still Being Created

Thank you, Reddit

3 min readApr 2, 2022

There’s a lot of pressure to make a business of yourself. Whether that’s your face, your words, your editing skills, your coaching skills, your funny skills, your podcast skills — it’s all about how you can utilize the changing tech around you to make yourself known a little more than the next person.

It’s an individual sport, and it stresses me out.

Which is why when something like r/place comes along in all it’s collaborative, messy, beautiful glory (that would make any design agency jealous) it gives me an immense sense of relief.

What a fucking masterpiece.

The first day in 1 minute, posted by prosto/sanja

Currently there are 1.7 million members and 252,000 people involved in this process. You can place one pixel at a time, at least 5 minutes spaced apart.

Modern masterpiece


Go to Reddit (on desktop likely easier), go into the menu, and click that box thing on the right next to the camera.

Orange icon on far right
  1. Select color
  2. Select checkmark
  3. Place your pixel
  4. Wait 5 minutes
First pick color, then select checkmark

This may sound simple. But there’s so much going on here.

Each of these people are placing one pixel. Because this is a live process, mini-wars are being carried out on the canvas as symbols are being created by one community and destroyed by the other. The symbols coming together represent groups — whether that’s countries, communities, reality tv show fans, movie fans.

Posted by Humble-Fig, the politics of clashing flags
Also resulting in just hilariousness

This is just… so much culture and history to this moment that it’s making me so giddy. I think it’s speaking to a new dawn of the age of the internet, one that we’ve been in awhile now but haven’t seen so clearly:

What would have taken an individual years to create we are creating in minutes — it is beautiful, ugly, fantastic and everything the internet (and life) is.

Look at what masterpieces we can make together, one pixel at a time.