The beautiful potential of virtual reality

After years of attempts in morning routines, ideal schedules, getting-it-done systems — I’m dropping out.

Saying Goodbye. Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

Medium and Productivity

Unwrapping the identity of ADHD

I guess it’s cliché, but it’s like unwrapping an onion. Messy with tears but ultimately tasty. Did Shrek originate the onion? Image made by me in Canva.

Left Behind Struggles

Created by me in Canva

A couple of months ago I logged out of Reddit and it deleted it from my phone. It was the latest of several socials medias to go — first it was Facebook (3 years ago), then Instagram (1 year and a half ago), then Reddit.

Compared to When I Was Young

Image made by author using Canva

Today I found myself stressing about finances — again.

Promising Myself To Stop the Mindless Skimming

Day 16


Interested in design & living well.

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