After years of attempts in morning routines, ideal schedules, getting-it-done systems — I’m dropping out.

Medium and Productivity

Like a moth drawn to light, I can’t help clicking on any productivity article that comes across my feed in Medium. You know the type — the ones with the catchy titles such as:

10 Ways to Be More Productive Now

3 Ways to Optimize Your Morning

8 Ways You’re…

Unwrapping the identity of ADHD

What’s tricky with being diagnosed as an adult with ADHD is that it explains so much about who you are, almost too much.

The diagnosis can be an epiphany that suddenly crystallizes your own life, particularly when finding other adult women with ADHD and their story is so similar to…

Left Behind Struggles

A couple of months ago I logged out of Reddit and it deleted it from my phone. It was the latest of several socials medias to go — first it was Facebook (3 years ago), then Instagram (1 year and a half ago), then Reddit.

For each of these, it mainly came down to the fact that I couldn’t seem to stop scrolling and spending hours on my phone, not feeling any happier or productive at the end of it — not really feeling anything.

For the time I’ve been gone, I haven’t missed it…

Compared to When I Was Young

Today I found myself stressing about finances — again.

All I can think about is how much I am in debt, how much time it will get out of debt, and what to do if my current job ends. …

Promising Myself To Stop the Mindless Skimming

Two years ago, watching my sister on her phone was the nail that ended my Instagram account. My relationship until then had been very on-and-off again, primarily because what always began as thoughtful participation would end in mindless scrolling, but observing her put an official end to it.

I had…

Day 16

Gratitude. I search for it in my mind, but all I feel is an emptiness.

I am tired. I worked late last night, and now I feel depleted. My body feels cold. I want to keep going, though.

I am grateful for:


Working hard last night and getting my…


Interested in design & living well.

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