After years of attempts in morning routines, ideal schedules, getting-it-done systems — I’m dropping out.

Saying Goodbye. Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

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8 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong with Productivity

9 Micro-Habits to Turn Your Life Around

These contain a list of things you already know, because you’ve read them elsewhere. An inevitable combination and regurgitation of:

1.“Have you tried Pomodoro?”

2. “Build a system not a list”

4. “What’s your trigger?”

5. “Delete the…

Unwrapping the identity of ADHD

I guess it’s cliché, but it’s like unwrapping an onion. Messy with tears but ultimately tasty. Did Shrek originate the onion? Image made by me in Canva.

What’s tricky with being diagnosed as an adult with ADHD is that it explains so much about who you are, almost too much.

The diagnosis can be an epiphany that suddenly crystallizes your own life, particularly when finding other adult women with ADHD and their story is so similar to your own that it’s like you are made from the same cloth (and you almost never find anyone in real life who gets you).

  • Tomboy/difficulty keeping up and fitting in with other women? Check.
  • Continuously finding and trying new ways to keep a schedule? Check.
  • Being super inspired to find…

Left Behind Struggles

Created by me in Canva

A couple of months ago I logged out of Reddit and it deleted it from my phone. It was the latest of several socials medias to go — first it was Facebook (3 years ago), then Instagram (1 year and a half ago), then Reddit.

For the time I’ve been gone, I haven’t missed it. There are days when I feel lonely —that it feels like I don’t have many friends — but this feeling was also there when I was on social media. While it doesn’t feel like I’m any more productive, I’m sure I’ve saved time.

Today, hesitantly, I logged into Instagram for…

Compared to When I Was Young

Image made by author using Canva

Today I found myself stressing about finances — again.

This can lead to a whirlwind of stressing about the future, of regret for not having saved more earlier, of worrying about how to spend in the present.

The gratitude in the present

Promising Myself To Stop the Mindless Skimming

Two years ago, watching my sister on her phone was the nail that ended my Instagram account. My relationship until then had been very on-and-off again, primarily because what always began as thoughtful participation would end in mindless scrolling, but observing her put an official end to it.

I had taken a photo I was proud of, put in a carefully crafted caption, and uploaded it. Hours later, my sister was going through her feed. Like, scroll, like, scroll, like, scroll. She came across mine, liked it, and kept going. She might have spent a whole second on it.


Day 16

Gratitude. I search for it in my mind, but all I feel is an emptiness.

I am tired. I worked late last night, and now I feel depleted. My body feels cold. I want to keep going, though.

I am grateful for:


Working hard last night and getting my presentation done in time today. Last night was hard, staying awake and clicking away at the computer. I am so grateful to be done with the work, and that tomorrow there will be a lot less of it. …

I don’t know what to do

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Right now I feel angry and hopeless. My boyfriend is getting crushed by work. While many of us have become unemployed or struggling to find work during Covid, my boyfriend is working many hours more than he used to and is slowly coming undone.

The university has put a freeze on hiring and salaries, meaning less bodies in each department. Professors have more time, and are using it to propose to every grant they can. My boyfriend is a grants administrator, so with the extra proposals and less bodies (and inability to hire) his work is getting worse. …

Gratitude, Day 15 out of 100

Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

On Day 15, I am running out of ideas again of what to be grateful for. Part of the problem is that I want the list to be unique, not a repeat of the things I’ve already stated my gratefulness for, and I find that my days are decently repetitive.

I know my lack of inspiration isn’t because there is a lack of things to be grateful for, but rather because I’m stuck on the same cycle of things I’m looking at, almost as if I’m on a carousel but refuse to change horses (particularly if that horse has beautiful…

ADHD Can Go F*** Itself

Photo by 傅甬 华 on Unsplash

An hour ago, I forgot about the meeting that I have every evening on Monday at 5:30pm.

And it’s not just any meeting, but an online meetup that I lead on drawing. It’s a lot of fun, it’s often very rewarding, and I just. . . completely forgot.

I didn’t even feel that tingly feeling that often accompanies a ‘hmm I think I’m forgetting something’. There was nothing. It was only after a message of concerned ‘where are you’ that I realized, and with that a wave of shame and anger.

I’m so mad at myself.

I’m tired of trying to be kind to myself, of forgiving myself, of giving myself emotional…

Day 14 of Gratitude (out of 100)

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The sky is gray and the wind pushes leaves against homes’ brick walls.

I walk briskly, trying to move the stress that has gathered in my head out into the street. I’ve decided to walk along the road until I come across a cat, at which I can turn around again.

I feel anxious about this coming week. I think it’s going to be busy, with feelings of not doing enough/late nights/inadequacy piled on top. I want to freeze the weekend and dwell in it, much like remaining in a warm cave away from the chill of the outdoors.



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